The North American Bitcoin Conference warmed in Miami

The North American Bitcoin Conference warmed in Miami

The North American Bitcoin Conference, TNABC, opened Wednesday with an energetic group of Bitcoin supporters who view the cryptocurrency as the next exciting chapter in Financial Technology.

The conference holds two days of presentations and discussions from the brightest minds in FinTech delivering the technologies which will define innovative payment and transfer systems around the globe.

The annual meeting event began with attention to blockchain, the public ledger for all Bitcoin transactions ever executed. Wayne Vaughn, CEO of Tierion, titled his presentation: “Recording Data on the Blockchain.” Tierion provides cloud-based blockchain storage of data collection and connection to their web, mobile and business apps for its clients.

Mr. Vaughn gave his outlook for 2016 and focused on the success of the technology in place. He believes that many companies are focused on private blockchains. In 2016, he states people will realize that you can anchor data in your current systems to the Bitcoin blockchain to create a verifiable record of any data or business process. “You don’t need to implement an entirely new

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