The Open Source World Is Worth Billions

The Linux Foundation released a white paper titled “A $5 Billion Value: Estimating the Total Development Cost of Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects,” which estimates the value of the open source Linux code (and its collaborations) to be worth US$5 billion.

Open source has come a long way in recent times. Since 2008, the organization has injected new innovative standards into the technology market.

The latest paper, published on September 30, is co-authored by Linux Software Engineer, Jeff Licquia, and Chief Marketing Officer, Amanda McPherson. It analyzes this propagation of open source projects and focuses in on the monetary assessment of its RD operations. McPherson said the research became a focal point earlier this year because “over the last few years every major technology category has been taken over by open source.”

The Foundation feels it’s important to note the current economic value of the open-source model and that collaboration “can save the world.” Executive Director at the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, said in a press release:   

“When people have the tools and connections to collaborate on a massive scale, any problem can be solved.”

Executive Director at the Linux Foundation, Jim<p><a href=Read more ... source: Cointelegraph