The Paris attacks demeanour to be altering a EU’s position on bitcoin

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While a EU recently took stairs to provide bitcoin like any other currency, a Paris attacks seem to have stirred a new turn of discuss on a emanate in Brussels.

Reuters reports that EU interior and probity ministers assembly tomorrow (Nov. 20) will introduce enormous down on electronic payments, digital currencies, and a unknown use of pre-paid cards, presumably to keep these channels from being used as a means for militant financing.

The process change underscores a ascending conflict bitcoin faces. Not usually do mainstream consumers not know a technology, though a intensity for regulating bitcoin for rapist activities has spooked authorities. Bitcoin was a vital remuneration process in Silk Road—the online marketplace for unlawful goods, which a FBI eventually close down. The anonymity afforded by bitcoin is a vital emanate for regulators, and a pivotal underline of bitcoin that New York’s Department of Financial Services separated in its framework (pdf) for chartering digital banking firms.

Former Federal Reserve authority Ben Benanke discussed a anonymity aspect of bitcoin in a recent talk with Quartz’s Matt Phillips, job it “a feature, and … also a bug, in that it has turn in some cases a car for illicit

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