The Post-KnC Miner Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Landscape

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Now that KnC Miner has filed for bankruptcy, a Bitcoin mining universe mislaid one of a primary suppliers. With a Bitcoin halving only around a corner, a destiny of mining will be made by a association who initial managed to keep mining profitable. With a personification margin thinning even further, let’s see who is left.

The Bitcoin Mining Hardware Manufacturer Race Continues

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It is critical to heed between Bitcoin mining companies who offer earthy hardware and those who offer cloud mining contracts. While these dual business models do not have to be jointly exclusive, there are really few companies who can juggle both aspects during a same time. In this article, we are meddlesome in a hardware providers.

BitMain is one of a tip companies who are still producing Bitcoin mining hardware to this really day. After being in business for several years now, a association is still actively providing apparatus to customers. More importantly, they have been creation some notable swell in bringing down a altogether energy expenditure of their devices.

HashCoins yield mining hardware as well, nonetheless many people know this association for their cloud mining contracts. The

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