The Road To Bitcoin Adoption Passes Through Many Stages

People view Bitcoin as a variety of tools, ranging from something that facilitates illegal activity to financial freedom and just an investment vehicle. Rather than trying to put people into “categories”, the better approach would be to see which phase of Bitcoin adoption they are in. After all, the first time someone becomes interested in Bitcoin, they are automatically on the adoption curve.

Various Stages of Bitcoin Adoption

Everyone involved in the world of cryptocurrency will acknowledge that Bitcoin adoption is not an easy task to accomplish. Granted, most of us can convince friends or family to take an interest in this innovation, but things are a lot harder when it comes to explaining Bitcoin to the masses. In the early days, most people saw it as a joke, or something they should – or would – never care about in the first place.

That is only normal, as novel concepts always attract a lot of attention, yet very few people delve deeper into the matter. Some people referred to early Bitcoin adopters as crazy, although they got proven wrong relatively quickly. Mining was fun in the early days, and even though there was some effort involved in

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