The Role of Bitcoin Paywall in Improving Online Media

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Online advertisements have turn a bother that internet users are fed adult with. As a users try to make assent with online advertisements, a ads continue to turn some-more obtrusive, forcing people to find swap measures like ad blockers.

One of a topics discussed during a recently resolved Blockchain+Digital Currencies discussion was associated to a purpose of digital currencies in improving a online media experience. Advertisements are an constituent partial of several online media websites. These platforms generally offer calm to a consumers for free, while generating income by advertisements. Without advertisements, many of these platforms will be incompetent to means their operations. At a same time, these really ads kill a user experience.

In further to causing interference, these online ads distributed by ad networks also occupy trackers and cookies that keep lane of user activities while nosiness with a page bucket times. Media platforms can urge their user knowledge by expelling advertisements if they can find an swap approach to beget revenue. Bitcoin and other digital currencies might be means to offer these online media sites with that choice income channel.

While vocalization during a conference, Victoria Van Eyk – a co-founder of Bitcoin

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