The San Francisco Subway Hacker Demanded Ransom in Bitcoin

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San Francisco’s Municipal Railway, famous as Muni, saw a computerized transport systems hacked final week. It turns out that during a hack, there was a release direct of 100 bitcoin, equalling around $73,000 (it was not successful).

While Muni trains were never affected, riders on Friday and Saturday got giveaway rides as a message, “You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted. Contact For Key( ,Enter.”, seemed on Muni agents mechanism screens. Ticket machines looked out of order, with “Metro Free” signs placed in front of screens.

While Muni has not expelled information from their ongoing investigation, a few contribution have been gleaned about a simple sum of a attack. It appears to be a ransomware attack, homogeneous to looking Muni out of a possess systems and perfectionist a remuneration to get behind in. The assailant or enemy used a pseudonym Andy Saolis.

Now, a Yandex comment Saolis names in a summary has itself been hacked—this time by an unknown researcher who contacted a cybersecurity site KrebsOnSecurity. The researcher who was means to get into a Yandex comment by guessing a cue questions, detected a extort email sent to Muni infrastructure manager

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