The Shadow Brokers’ Bitcoin Auction For Hacked NSA Tools Sees Lowball Offers

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Not too long ago, a mysterious hacker collective put a set of hacking tools and exploits online. According to The Shadow Brokers, these tools belong to an NSA-Linked group. However, they did not reveal everything, as they had plans to sell everything for one million Bitcoin. So far, that plan is a bust, as the highest bid stands at just over 1,600 Bitcoin right now.

Selling spying and hacking tools belonging to the NSA should bring in a lot of money. That is what The Shadow Brokers thought, at least when they shared their information was posted on the Internet. Many people do not believe this information to be genuine, which would explain the lack of interest.

NSA Tool Auction Sees Very Little Interest

At the same time, one can never be entirely sure if this is the real deal or not. Slapping on such a high price tag certainly seems to indicate this could be genuine. Then again, it could turn out to be a US$570m bust as well. So far, a total of 15 offers has been received, although none of them comes even close to the asking price.

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