The Spanish taxation authorities released a new fortitude per Bitcoin

There is another applicable fortitude released by a Spanish taxation authorities (hereinafter, DGT) regarding a taxation impact of a conditions that could be identical to MT.Gox failure (CV1979-15). We –Law Bitcoin- are a initial law organisation addressing this resolution.

The referred resolution deals with an particular who has filed a censure to a military per a spoliation of bitcoins. Then, he/she ask to a DGT if a volume allegedly stolen could be deliberate as a collateral detriment for taxation purposes


The taxpayer has filed a censure to a military and states that he/she invested, by opposite websites, many of his assets in a merger of a so called digital currencies “bitcoins”. During a year 2013, he deposited his bitcoins in a website dedicated to lend income to third parties, profitable an seductiveness to a depositors. At a finish of 2013, a website’s director (identified only with a nickname and a Bitcoin open key) sensitive that a bitcoins deposited had been stolen. Consequently, he/she was not means to lapse a income to a depositors.

After several emails, a website’s director offering a petitioner to lapse him/her a 5 per cent of his Bitcoin deposition in sell for not claiming a rest of a volume deposited.


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