The State of Decentralization In The Bitcoin Space

When it comes to Bitcoin development itself, there are some people who strongly feel a few people are controlling the future of this popular digital currency. There are quite a  few different Bitcoin Core contributors, but the overall decision-making seems to revolve around ideas by the same few individuals. Ever since Bitcoin XT started rearing its head, the community has been divided into a few camps.

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What Do We Want? Decentralized Bitcoin Development!TheMerkle_Bitcoin Core

Some people fail to realize there is no mandatory choice when it comes to running Bitcoin software on one’s devices. Regardless of whether you run Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin XT, Armory, or any other wallet available to you, you will always be a part of the Bitcoin network itself. After all, the Bitcoin source code is publicly available for anyone to see and play around with.

That being said, when it comes to making effective changes to Bitcoin as a protocol, the options become more limited. Right now, the main development takes places under the Bitcoin Core banner, although depending on how the block size

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