The Status of the ‘Hong Kong Hard Fork’: An Update

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Last February, in the midst of Bitcoin’s long-lasting block size dispute, a group of Bitcoin Core developers, Bitcoin miners, and representatives from the Bitcoin industry met in Hong Kong. Sealing their position with a signed letter, the attendees agreed to run only Bitcoin Core-compatible consensus software for the “foreseeable future.” This avoided a potential hard fork as proposed by Bitcoin Classic or Bitcoin Unlimited — at least temporarily.

On their own behalf, the Bitcoin Core developers present at the meeting — Cory Fields, Johnson Lau, Luke Dashjr, Matt Corallo, and Peter Todd — agreed to propose a block size hard fork, with a deadline set three months after the release of Segregated Witness. If accepted by other Bitcoin Core developers and the broader Bitcoin community, the proposal could pave the way to a block size limit increase.

After months of testing and some delay, Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 became available to the public in the last week of October. With that, Segregated Witness was officially released.

Per the original agreement from February, this leaves the signatories to the agreement—who we’ll call the “Hong Kong developers”—with about 10 more weeks to propose a hard fork.


A typical hard

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