The Top 10 Global Bitcoin Regulatory Developments of 2015

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Marco Santori of Pillsbury Winthrop is a FinTech profession for companies regulating digital currencies and blockchain technology.

He is also a authority of a Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee and author of CoinDesk’s array on bitcoin law (find parts 1, 2 and 3 here).

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Not a singular month upheld in 2015 though some groundbreaking new growth in a universe of digital banking regulation.

I’ll count down some of a ones that have been many successful on my own practice.

10. New Jersey: The Digital Currency Jobs Creation Act

In June, a New Jersey Digital Currency Jobs Creation Act was introduced into a New Jersey Legislature. 2015 brought us a beginnings of several new state initiatives, though this check is a initial to offer both carrots and sticks to digital banking businesses.

The sticks are modest: Instead of requesting for a license, a digital banking business need usually register with a state. The Carrots are meaty: significant tax breaks and fast-tracked operational incentives. (In full disclosure, we was respected to be selected to draft a content of a Act).

As of this writing, a legislation is still being deliberate in a state.

9. Hong Kong: No Need for Bitcoin Regulation

Hong Kong


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