The delivery of tenure in Bitcoin

The ownership, as we might know, is what jurists call a property right. In Spanish Law, we can heed between personal and skill rights, a latter being those involving a right over an object, over a “good”. This is a box with Bitcoin: if we have bitcoins in your wallet, we possess them. As stated in a previous article, nonetheless this emanate might be considerate to some, quite to non-lawyers, a law is that it is not; the insurance that a law gives to each person differs entirely.

In my opinion, competent as a skill right, it is time to ask how this right is transmitted. This essay comes from a contention about a operation of a blockchain and a probability to place it on a delivery of normal ownership, that comes from a Spanish Civil Code of nineteenth century. It happens really often, in fact, that rather than perplexing to invent a new authorised regulation for Bitcoin, what is finished is to adjust it to a existent law. So, what does Spanish Law contend about a right of tenure and a compared authorised business?

In short, in our country, to effectively furnish a delivery of tenure of a good, from one chairman to another, we contingency meet

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