The Unfortunate Rise of America’s Recreational Xanax Addiction

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  1. What is Xanax?

Xanax is a brand name version of the powerful benzodiazepine Alprazolam. This medicine is used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Unfortunately, this medicine has incredibly powerful addictive properties, and can only be prescribed temporarily because its effectiveness diminishes the longer a patient takes it. This medicine is so addictive that some patients need to undergo supervised withdrawal, and must titer off treatment. This withdrawal process can induce breakthrough anxiety by itself, making addiction self fulfilling and incredibly painful.

  1. Why the boom?

The news has been riddled with information of massive Xanax busts in the United State/s and Canada.   The rapid growth in the recreational abuse of Xanax can been attributed to the proliferation in homemade counterfeits. Alprazolam powder, the base ingredient that is pressed into pill form, is bought and sold on the dark net at a fraction of the street price for the drug. This has created a massive underground economy of manufactures and resellers that flagrantly post about their exploits on clear net websites like in subreddits devoted entirely to the underground trade, like /r/barbarians (currently private).

Law Enforcement Bust of Dark Net Market Vendors “Dr. Xanax”Read more ... source: DeepDotWeb

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