The Upcoming Litecoin Halving Could Spell Opportunity


Litecoin is a many good famous choice cryptocurrency. we remember initial shopping litecoins when they were 80 cents and offered them for $4.60, all in about 2 weeks. It was unequivocally my initial extravagantly successful knowledge day trade on BTC-e behind when we had a emojis, yelling during a draft to “ARIZE CHIKUN ARIZE!”, that is a quote from an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. …still being quoted today(but it was exponentially some-more interesting with a indignant emoji face BTC-e used to have).

But given afterwards Litecoin had left out of concentration for me. But recently it held my courtesy for a day or two, as a large volume surpassed that of even Bitcoin, according to some since of a Chinese ponzi scheme. But for those who are spooky about crypto, they know that we have only 40 days and 40 nights before Litecoin’s retard prerogative halves. Meaning miners will get 25 litecoins per retard rather than 50, definition a supply will be cut in half.

I am not discerning to burst into a falling boat though we am carefully examination to try and locate a bottom of a crash.

First a disclaimer, I

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