The Ups and Downs of Dark Net Markets


This article is here to make clear of the advantages and downsides of using dark net markets. We will be assessing the qualities and concerns to fairly judge how using a dark net market can be a good thing but also the various aspects to watch out for ­and what can potentially make using a dark net market a cause for caution. Over the last few years we’ve seen a handful of markets come and go and it would be wise to judge past history and common sense of the present and insight into the future to make light of the ups and downs of dark net markets. We hope you find this presentation of information useful.

It’s worth noting that some advantages may also have their equal opposite downside and same applies to the downsides listed below. Reliability and security can vary as can anonymity depending on how you purchase bitcoins and protect your sensitive information.
By reading this article, we are assuming you are practicing good opsec.

So, let’s get started

This section concentrates on the advantages of using dark net markets. Dark net markets are thriving areas of the dark web and they have many advantages of using them compared to other methods of obtaining goods and this tries to address them here

  • Use of Bitcoin Payment

Dark net markets and bitcoin work perfectly together thanks to the layers of anonymity bitcoin currency provides. No identification needed** and no ties to bank accounts or personal information. You don’t need any personal information to register on dark net markets which keeps you off the prying radars of law enforcement.
**We are assuming you are choosing to pay for Bitcoin anonymously and not choosing to pay for Bitcoin through a bank account or anything linked to your personal information. You are not anonymous if you choose to purchase Bitcoin from sources that require ID or bank account details.

  • Ease of Access

We all know that using DNM’s is as easy as 1,2,3. All you need as a minimum requirement is the Tor browser bundle. Add a little more security and you add a decent PGP software and perhaps Tails for a superior layer of security and anonymity. These tools are free to download and make it simple to access dark net markets

  • 0% Physical Contact

This aspect of dark net markets has made them an ideal safe haven for people who want their drugs but don’t want the drama. Dark net markets facilitate the safety of both parties by cutting the need for physical contact from any purchases. This aspect is by far one of the biggest positives to take from using such services and removes the threat of violence

  • Variety of Products

DNMs provide extensive coverage and availability of quantities and qualities not always available from your local supplier. It’s never been easier to buy large amounts in secrecy and with anonymity.

  • Stealth Shipments

Shipping skills and knowledge determines whether your package gets to you or not and fortunately for the majority, they do and that’s thanks to clever stealth shipping methods which are covered in secrecy and for good reason and change often, another good aspect of dark net markets

  • Community Support/User Feedback

The community based feedback systems have to be the best part of dark net markets. Why? The community are what make DNMs possible as they allow buyers to rate and review their experience on their favorite marketplaces not only this but they allow for buyers to review the quality of goods including drugs they buy from the DNM

  • Stable Design Backend

To ensure all runs well, a DNM must be designed and coded properly and this includes making sure that the design is easy to use and can be familiarized by its users but doesn’t exclude the security of the marketplace to ensure that the site doesn’t get attacked or can be easily hacked by external threats

This section concentrates on the cause for concern surrounding dark net marketplaces. These are aspects of DNMs that shouldn’t put you off using them but should be acknowledged to better understand and accept the risks involved.

  • Scammers

Even though most don’t get scammed (thankfully) many do get scammed and whether it’s their fault or not is for another discussion. What we do know is there are huge amounts of people looking to make a quick buck off unwary buyers and newbies so be on the lookout!

  • Marketplace Wallets

As soon as you want to buy from a DNM you usually have to store your bitcoin in their marketplace wallets where it can then be used to transfer to a seller once you make a purchase. Whereas a small amount of marketplaces has exit scammed using this method of stealing bitcoin in the past, it can still happen and money has gone missing on several occasions making this aspect of using DNM’s a righteous cause for concern. Do your research before depositing any funds and don’t leave them unattended for too long

  • Fake/Underdosed Drugs

It has been known for vendors to underdose their product and whether this was their fault or the pitfalls of being in a chain of drugs being passed down is for another discussion. Fake product is also known within the dark market world and these are areas which need to be considered. Choose your vendor wisely! Always test your drugs with drug testing kits

  • Vendor Busts

It happens from time to time. This situation can steamroll through entire communities as if and when it happens, it usually leaves behind a wake of confusion and upset customers making this aspect of DNMs worth noting

  • Reliability

As well as being a positive aspect of using dark net markets, reliability also can be a negative. Downtime and server problems, demand and popularity can massively affect the status and standing of a dark net market

  • Trust

Trust is a massive factor of using dark net markets and vendors and marketplaces letting you down, exit scamming and not providing services you expect is all part of the procedure. These are the risks you take when using a DNM

  • Goods Seizure

When packages don’t turn it up things can turn into a nightmare quickly. You don’t know who to blame or why but you know that your product most definitely won’t be turning up any time soon. This is one area of ordering from dark net markets which make considering this aspect a very important one before ordering from flagged countries, destinations and addresses, the legal implications of getting caught with drugs that were shipped to you could be life changing.

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