The Upside of a Internet: Defending Bitcoin’s ‘Downside’

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Josh Cincinnati is an businessman with knowledge in creating and funding early theatre startups. He is now also BlockCypher’s developer disciple and editor of the firm’s blog.

In this opinion piece, Cincinnati critiques a new NYTimes essay that suggested bitcoin’s permanent bill of exchange is a weakness.

Elephant in a room

Like any good cryptocurrency adherent, in my romping around amicable media we was unsurprised to find yet-another-grossly-misrepresented-hit-piece on bitcoin. But this one certain was fancy. Op-ed in a NYTimes, we say? Group arch executive (?) for financial services from a vital consulting firm? Wow. Must be a hard-hitting, well-researched, satirical demeanour during a downsides of cryptocurrency. we clicked a link.

And afterwards we review a goddamn title.

Downside of Bitcoin: A Ledger That Can’t Be Corrected

Sigh. You’d consider a author would have relented after essay The Downside of Transistors: Miniaturization or The Downside of a Internet: Worldwide Two-Way Connectivity, though we theory we can’t error a symmetry. (Note: he didn’t indeed write those, though is it unequivocally such a stretch?)

Because theory what a upsides of bitcoin are? The fact that it can’t be corrected; that it’s immutable. And that we don’t need anyone’s accede to use it.

For posterity’s sake  –  and since we haven’t

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