The US Should Withdraw From NATO & Back Syria

Bitcoin Watch Shop / By Christopher J. Loria, MPA / Nov 25, 2016

Avoiding Russophobia:

Candidate Clinton and many others during a new choosing cycle seemed to be vigilant on blaming a array of immorality deeds on Russian hackers and what seemed as young attempts to stimulate Russophobia[1] in a electorate. Wisely, President-elect Trump recently settled his faith that there are common interests and areas that he and President Putin could work on.

I trust President-elect Trump and President Putin any share a adore for their nation and adore and honour for their people and are encouraged by what any believes is in their nation’s inhabitant interest. With that horizon or perspective in mind we can lame and equivocate a neocon or alarmist driven escalation of tongue and tensions. Both group have a prophesy and enterprise to make their countries good again. President-elect Trump and President Putin are positioned to lead both their nations to brighter futures and we trust their contingency of next are significantly improved if they find areas of common seductiveness and mutual benefit.

Mutually positive drop stays an upsetting though effective existence and motivator for assent and reason to de-escalate where we can find common grounds. Both a US and the

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