The US Should Withdraw From NATO & Back Syria / By Christopher J. Loria, MPA / November 25, 2016

Avoiding Russophobia:

Candidate Clinton and many others during our recent election cycle seemed to be intent on blaming a series of evil deeds on Russian hackers and what seemed as puerile attempts to incite Russophobia[1] in the electorate. Wisely, President-elect Trump recently stated his belief that there are common interests and areas that he and President Putin could work on.

I believe President-elect Trump and President Putin each share a love for their country and love and respect for their people and are motivated by what each believes is in their nation’s national interest. With that framework or view in mind we can disarm and avoid the neocon or alarmist driven escalation of rhetoric and tensions. Both men have the vision and desire to make their countries great again. President-elect Trump and President Putin are positioned to lead both their nations to brighter futures and I believe their odds of succeeding are significantly better if they find areas of common interest and mutual benefit.

Mutually assured destruction remains an unpleasant but effective reality and motivator for peace and reason to de-escalate where we can find common grounds. Both the US and the Russian Federation share a number of common interests, characteristics or challenges; rebuilding their respective economies for national strength and vitality as well as to benefit their citizens and combating Muslim terrorism.