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The Water Project Receives an Anonymous Bitcoin Donation worth $23000

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“Today, you gave enough BTC – totally anonymously – to provide clean, safe water and sanitation facilities to an entire school AND for the monitoring and repair funds to keep it working for years to come,” says a message of appreciation posted on a r/bitcoin Reddit page by a user bitcoinh20 on behalf of  The Water Project. 

We’re grateful for every single gift we receive no matter the size! Every BTC provides clean water. So… we don’t know who you are, but we’re grateful. And so, just in case you hang out here, we want to say thanks!

The writer adds that the Bitcoin community has funded more than five projects (some anonymous, some not) over the past couple years in an amazing show of support.

Launched in 2015, The Water Project provides sustainable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation  which limits education and food production, harms health and leads to a cycle of poverty.

It operates on the basis that access to water unlocks potential which, in turn, removes obstacles that hinder a community from growing itself out of poverty.


According to its quarterly project highlight , The Water Project team, which work in Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Uganda, say they have already completed 49 projects with 26 currently under construction this year.

To present itself open to donors and other interested followers, it now posts smartphone and sensor-based data online and in real-time on its website for remote monitoring of local repair teams when things break and as water flows.

On its Bitcoin donation page, the Project writes:

Bitcoin donations will be used to fund a fully monitored water project or help maintain one. And like Bitcoin, this new tech will provide unmatched transparency and accountability in our work.

Based on its static wallet address is: 14xEPWuHC3ybPMfv8iTZZ29UCLTUSoJ8HL, transaction record from shows that the two payments that make up the $23,000 sum (30.00059 BTC and 8.238 BTC) were made to The Water Project’s address on September 13 in a space of half an hour. Both payments were made from the same address:  18nEo5xKvJYaZsUDJwuCSqQcRFapuySYYw.

bitcoinh20 on Reddit says it is the Project’s largest Bitcoin gift at one time. Some of the comments that go with it dwell on how it wouldn’t have been easier to use PayPal or bankwire for the same purpose particularly with the anonymity and charges.

The Water Project is currently the lead charity partner of the “BitGive Donation Transparency Platform“.

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