"The Willing Guinea Pig"

Tatiana-MorozWhile rappers and pop artists flaunt their riches in music videos and in their songs, singer and songwriter Tatiana Moroz created her own form money. The New York musician is the woman behind the first ever artist coin. Her forthcoming LP will be the first funded entirely in cryptocurrency form.

Moroz, who graduated from Berklee College of Music, has independently released two LP’s, two EPs, and several singles. She releases her forthcoming, third LP in Fall 2015. Her latest project, Tatiana Coin, allows her to work together with her fans to bring them what they want. Moroz believes there are incredible opportunities to use block chain technology in music.

Block Chain + Music = Artist Empowerment

“There are lower processing fees, the ability to micro-tip, and, of course, create artist tokens as I have done,” Moroz told CCN.

Projects like Ascribe.io can revolutionize the digital rights management process, so it rewards all artists quickly and equitably.

“There are ways to track streaming and use of digital music being developed,” she said. “Overall, I think the block chain can bring

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