The Wretched, Endless Cycle of Bitcoin Hacks

It seemed bitcoin sell Bitfinex was doing all a right things. In a end, that didn’t stop hackers from stealing $65 million.

The latest in a prolonged list of attacks on a digital banking given a birth in 2009 has been quite disturbing for a bitcoin community. Not usually was Bitfinex a largest sell for U.S. dollar transactions, though a penetrate highlights that a attention hasn’t figured out critical security, notwithstanding years of training from mistakes and creation improvements to a infrastructure.

Even as a occurrence has triggered calls for audits in certain tools of a industry, experts don’t expect a investigations will unearth new ways of radically strengthening protection. What’s some-more telling, they say, is that a community’s eagerness to vilify targets while shrugging off a need for industry-wide solutions is a pointer it’s cursed to occur again.

 “There is a prolonged tradition of blaming a plant in a bitcoin community,” pronounced Emin Gun Sirer, a Cornell University mechanism scholarship highbrow who researches a currency. “But when we have a six-year prolonged story of near-continuous pivotal theft, during some point, we have to stop shirking off the

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