TheDarkOverlord Names Hacked Organization from Farmington, Missouri

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TheDarkOverlord, decided to name the breached organization behind the DB he’s selling on a listing called: Healthcare Database (48,000 Patients) from Farmington, Missouri, United States,

Is Midwest Orthopedic Clinic, Farmington Missouri, owned by Scott Vanness.

The hacker did so over a Pastebin (which we will not link to) where he also included the 499 patients records from the hacked DB, the authenticity of this claim has been verified by several 3rd parties.The first line of the pastebin stated:

When asked by us what made him decide to put up this data he replied:

Scott A. Vanness should have just paid up to prevent this leak from happening. He can still salvage the rest of the records and save himself from other things that we have made him aware of

When asked if he plans to do the same with the other breached companies he replied:

If they do not pay yes

We will be following and updating.

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