TheRealDeal: Launches Free LeakDB service

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New service launched by TheRealDeal Team, as it was described by their admin:

Available at this URL: http://leakdbxhumhnzsa7.onion

Our DB leak checking service service allows anyone to check whether the databases or other kind of information that they are about to purchase on the our market, or any other market for that matter, is part of the public domain and has already been leaked for free.

For example, if one was to plan on purchasing a database and ask for a sample, he might end up with a few entries which would include a username, password, email, etc… One could take a unique fraction of this information, for example a password hash 79e846c1c4eab84db5e15e824afab256 and search for it using our service – if there is a match, you will know what database it has been taken from and what other information is associated with it, and therefor get a pretty good idea if what you are about to buy is worth the money.

I should also mention that this is not the only use for such a large database of logins, one could easily target a person who uses the same password all the time by searching for his email 😉

Our databases also

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