These cofounders live in apart countries and have never even met — and they’re perplexing to emanate a new kind of money

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Max KordekMax KordekLisk cofounder Max Kordek

Max Kordek is a 24-year-old Bitcoin wiz from Germany. Next week he and his co-founder, 37-year-old Oliver Beddows, will launch their company, Lisk.

And Lisk is such an sparkling thought that during their 30-day crowdfunding campaign, scarcely 4,000 people chipped in a sum of $6 million in bitcoin to account their seed round, Kordek tells Business Insider.

Lisk is dual things: a new kind of app store, and a a new form of internet money, identical to Bitcoin. 

An app that never goes down

First and foremost, Lisk is a new kind of app store built on a same kind of record used by Bitcoin to keep lane of who owns how many coins.

That’s a record famous as blockchain, that a tech and financial industries are going gaga for.

Oliver Beddows LiskLiskLisk cofounder Oliver Beddows

In elementary terms, blockchain is a distributed database, an app that is replicated on many, many machines that keeps lane of transactions.  

In use it means that Lisk will also use many opposite clouds, Kordek says.

“There are many opposite servers. Some competence be during Amazon,

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