Third Judge Rules FBI’s Playpen Warrant Invalid

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In Iowa, Federal Judge Robert Pratt ordered the evidence resulting from an arrest in the FBI’s Playpen investigation be suppressed.

The warrant was issued in part of the FBI’s operation to hack Tor users. The FBI took control of a child pornography site, Playpen, for two weeks in order to unmask its users. Including Judge Pratt’s suppression, this is only the third case out of 200 that resulted from the operation.

As stated, 200 cases derived from the FBI’s single warrant, nationwide investigation into Tor, child porn site Playpen, and its users.

“Any search conducted pursuant to such warrant is the equivalent of a warrantless search,” Pratt wrote in the 19-page order in the case.

The charges against Beau Croghan have not been dropped, this rules, and the others like it, have blocked the government’s case in a big way. Earlier in the year, Massachusetts and Oklahoma judges ruled the same and tossed all relevant evidence.

On the other hand, 13 other federal judges ruled that the warrant was invalid, but didn’t order any of the evidence invalid. The other judges have yet to rule on the corresponding cases.

All of the cases, are the result of a Virginia Magistrate Judges warrant that the FBI used to deploy its NIT to investigate Tor user locations nationwide. Under

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