This Donald Trump Tweet Might Not Be a Good Sign for Bitcoin

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President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Sunday Twitter tirade, that called out SNL and a expel of Hamilton, combined lots of online blog assignments on that Day of a Lord. One, in particular, competence be of regard to Bitcoiners.

Mr. Trump is referring to Senator Charles Schumer, who has prolonged been an disciple for law coercion actions opposite darknet marketplaces; many famously, perhaps, job on a closure of Silk Road and inextricably joining it to Bitcoin.

After authorities apprehended Ross Ulbricht, eventually perplexing him and sentencing him to life in prison, a Senator had to call on a Department of Justice to go after “copycat” darknet marketplaces that have given proliferated. Alpha Bay and Dream Market are a many endorsed today.

“[T]he Silk Road was close down by a [FBI] in 2013, and we am gratified that DOJ is

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