This Donald Trump Tweet Might Not Be a Good Sign for Bitcoin

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Sunday Twitter tirade, which called out SNL and the cast of Hamilton, created lots of online blog assignments on that Day of the Lord. One, in particular, might be of concern to Bitcoiners.

Mr. Trump is referring to Senator Charles Schumer, who has long been an advocate for law enforcement actions against darknet marketplaces; most famously, perhaps, calling on the closure of Silk Road and inextricably linking it to Bitcoin.

After authorities apprehended Ross Ulbricht, ultimately trying him and sentencing him to life in prison, the Senator had to call on the Department of Justice to go after “copycat” darknet marketplaces which have since proliferated. Alpha Bay and Dream Market are the most recommended today.

“[T]he Silk Road was shut down by the [FBI] in 2013, and I am pleased that DOJ is

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