This Greek Restaurant Offers 20% Discount When You Pay In Bitcoin

AgelosTavern1As Eurozone leaders reach an agreement for a new bailout of Greece, the prospect of a ‘Grexit’ diminishes in the short term. After 17 hours of meetings in Brussels over night in Europe, it seems that the most pressing crisis in Europe has been avoided for now. Nonetheless, the economic uncertainty that swept the country increased awareness of Bitcoin.  Some businesses were at the center of this increased awareness of Bitcoin in the southern European country. 

Tavern Agelos, a traditional Greek restaurant, is one of those businesses. The restaurant is an early adopter, and there’s perhaps not a country in the world where doing so could be as relevant as in Greece. The restaurant has been in business since 1996, accepting Bitcoin for the first time in 2012. Serving Greek salad, feta cheese, tzatziki, postitsio and other foods from Greece, the restaurant has had somewhat of a Bitcoin marketing coup in recent weeks, with the son, Nikos Agelos

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