This Man Says He Can Prove He’s the Founder of Bitcoin

Some experts have doubted his claims, but Australian businessman Craig Wright says he plans to prove, once and for all, that he is “Satoshi Nakomoto,” the pseudonymous founder of the virtual currency bitcoin.

Wright, a computer scientist and former tech CEO who came forward earlier this week with the assertion that he is bitcoin’s mysterious founder, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday that he soon will provide “extraordinary proof” to back up his claims. Such proof, if it exists, could put to rest a question that scientists and the tech world have been debating since the digital currency was introduced, in 2009. Wright wrote in his post that he will be providing multiple pieces of evidence supporting his claims “over the coming days.”

“I will be posting a series of pieces that will lay the foundations for this extraordinary claim, which will include posting independently-verifiable documents and evidence addressing some of the false allegations that have been leveled, and transferring bitcoin from an early block,” Wright wrote.

By moving around bitcoin that has been in existence since the virtual currency’s earliest days, Wright plans to show that he was involved in bitcoin’s founding. However, various skeptics who doubt Wright’s

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