This new web browser wants to solve ad restraint problems with Bitcoin

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Brave — a web browser co-created by ex-Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich —launched Brave Payments in beta yesterday.

The Brave browser blocks ads, though it also offers a novel resolution that allows publishers to keep generating revenue. Brave Payments allows users to tip adult an comment with bitcoin, name a monthly budget, and name sites that they would like to compensate when they make a visit.

Brave automatically pays these publishers formed on a volume of time users of a browser spend on a publishers’ web properties and how most a user is peaceful to give. BitGo is providing bitcoin wallets for Brave users and Coinbase is providing a marketplace for bitcoins to be purchased.  

Brave faces 3 hurdles before it can be a successful micropayments browser: 

  • Gaining height share: Chrome dominates height share with nearly 50% share of tellurian usage, followed by Safari with scarcely 13%. Browser use is unreasoning and Brave will need to yield a constrained box for because users should adopt it — a ability to

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