Thomson Reuters HackETHon Focuses On Smart Contracts

Thomson Reuters is one of the latest entries into the world of blockchain technology. After joining the R3 consortium not too long ago, the company is focusing their attention on the Ethereum blockchain. A dedicated HackETHon will be organized from September 9-11, at Canary Wharf in London. This is an exciting opportunity for developers to get to know the company, and perhaps even land a job.

Exploring The Ethereum Blockchain And Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology is a growing source of innovation, particularly in the financial sector. Thomson Reuters acknowledges the scope of possibilities goes well beyond finance, though, as they are also exploring opportunities in the legal and science departments. Ethereum’s blockchain offers a lot of exciting possibilities in this regard.

To be more precise, Thomson Reuters want to explore the world of smart contracts further. While the company has in-house developers working with this technology as well, a fresh set of eyes can bring new perspectives. Moreover, this HackETHon is an excellent way to establish new proof-of-concept ideas that may turn into full-fledged solutions one day.

As is the case with any hackathon, there are particular challenges and prizes to be obtained. For now, there will be two sets of challenges: one focusing on data-driven smart contracts, and one for Ethereum smart contract security. This latter one is of particular interest, given what happened to The DAO not too long ago. Prizes for either challenge still have to be announced, though.

Among the tools developers will be able to use are Oraclize’s Public Data APIs, the Thomson Reuters HackETHon oracle, and the BlockOne ID for Ethereum. Do keep in mind this latter tool is still in beta. Getting it into the hands of as many developers as possible will be a good stress test, though.

This Thomson Reuters HackETHon is backed by several partners, including CryptoCompare, Imperial College London, Barclays, and Coinsilium. A panel of six judges will go over all of the hacking attempts to determine the winners. Registration for this event is mandatory, and all attendees will receive a free T-shirt as well.

Source: Thomson Reuters

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