Thoughts on The Future of Bitcoin From Genesis-Mining’s CEO Marco Streng – Established Bitcoin Cloud Mining Company

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Bitcoin Press Release: Established in 2013 and one of a largest Bitcoin cloud mining platforms in a world, Genesis-Mining’s CEO Marco Streng shares his thoughts on a probable destiny of Bitcoin.

Writing about a destiny of Bitcoin with any certainty is like observant someone knows a certain equine will really win a Triple Crown this year. The fact is that a record could go anywhere, legislation could change everything, and Bitcoin enlightenment continues to develop rather sporadically. But there is no fun in not speculating; so Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng motionless to answer a unfit questions.

Because Genesis Mining is one of a largest suppliers of any Bitcoin association in a world, Streng is singly sensitive about what new technologies are entrance into vogue, that are over-hyped, and what investigate could change a record tomorrow.

“There is a lot of creation and pioneering going on in a mining world. Advancements operation from innovative information core structures, intelligent and some-more absolute mining plantation monitoring solutions, to some-more and some-more optimized chip designs for lower

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