Time For The Gold Bulls To Step Up – If There Are Any Left

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news.goldseek.com / By Avi Gilburt / 23 Nov 2016

First published Sat Nov 19 for members: Two weeks ago, we remarkable that we had a finished settlement to a downside in a equity marketplace and it was time for a equity marketplace bulls to step up.  And, boy, did they ever. Now, it is time for a metals bulls to do a same.  But, it seems we can't find them.

Last weekend, we remarkable that a bulls have left into hiding.  This past week, they were frightened even serve into their shell.  Yes, bullish view in a formidable has forsaken to roughly nothing.  For those that examination marketplace view readings, we will know that we have roughly no bulls left in this market, or during slightest bulls who are peaceful to acknowledge it.  That is mostly a clever denote that we are bottoming, and not collapsing.

I also remarkable in my final weekend news that, if a settlement was going to reason for intensity bottoming in a complex, we would need to see a “bounce” early in a week, that would afterwards expected lead to a reduce low after in a week.  The marketplace has followed by utterly nicely

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