Time To Spend Bitcoin During The Steam VR Sale Weekend

Gamers who happen to be Bitcoin enthusiasts may want to close attention to the Steam platform this weekend. With 175 different virtual reality games going on sale this weekend, there are plenty of bargains to be scored. As Steam accepts Bitcoin payments since a few months, this is a great moment to put cryptocurrency on the map in the gaming sector.

Buy Discounted VR Games With Bitcoin

For those among us fortunate enough to own a computer that can support virtual reality, as well as the other equipment, the upcoming Steam sale will be of great interest. Even though VR is relatively new to the gaming world, the gaming platform will discount 175 different titles over the course of this weekend.

With discounts as high as 80%, there is no reason not to spend Bitcoin on some of the bargains Granted, the necessary hardware remains ridiculously expensive to buy, but there is not much to do about that for now. Scoring some discounts among the game titles is better than nothing, and may convince some more people to purchase a VR headset in the long run.

Some people might be surprised there are over 175

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