Tin Foil Hats, Duck Duck Goose, and What it Means for Bitcoin


Market conjecture is customarily a wily thing, though newly it seems a ducks have flown in and are alighting right in a row, singular file, for speculators to do what we love: assume extravagantly on markets.

Here are a ducks. (Current factors conversion Bitcoin economy)

1. The Greek Tragedy (a greek comedy for crypto markets)

With Greece voting “no” to a oppressive bailout conditions set by a IMF, they have left themselves with an indeterminate future. Banks in Greece are drying up. Originally set to free Monday, they will now sojourn sealed until an agreement on debt amends is reached. If one is not reached, it competence be approaching that Greek banks will fall entirely, ushering in a re-adoption of a Greek Drachma, replacing a Euro as a inhabitant currency. European nations prop themselves for a slight pummeling that Greece’s exit will have on a Euro, though now markets uncover relations fortitude as investors have faith that a bailout agreement can be reached.

As realistic as Greece has shown itself to be, and as formidable as a IMF has shown to be, a understanding might or might not be reached anytime soon. But a negotiations

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