Tokenly: Limitless Tokens for a Tokenless World

In July of 2013, Adam B. Levine gave a talk at Inside Bitcoins on what he called Project Watershed. “I’ve been running communities on the internet since 2005, dealing with money and ownership are remarkably difficult things to do. Cryptocurrency changed all that for money and more recently I’ve realized that ‘tokens’ do it for ownership”

Adam B Levine, Founder CEO at Tokenly

In an exclusive interview with BraveNewCoin, Levine explained that protocols like Counterparty make it simple to create a token. What used to be impossible, pre-bitcoin, became possible, and then became easy post-Counterparty. “The challenge shifts because now having a token doesn’t even matter, literally anyone can have one. The challenge is how do you make it valuable since everybody knows the token itself is worthless when it comes into being.”

“Tokenly tokens almost always represent redeemables which can be classified as gift certificates. Another type of token you might buy is an Access Token that gives the person who holds it access to some feature, area, or service that they wouldn’t have access to without it,” Levine explained. Tokenly is registered in Delaware, an RD company working to fulfill the needs of the LTB Network, the experimental community platform that acts as the testbed for the work Tokenly is doing.


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