Tomer ‘IamSatoshi’ Kantor: ‘I Still Look at Bitcoin as Political Activism’

Tomer Kantor is a London-based film producer who, for the past three years, has been documenting the Bitcoin phenomenon under his “IamSatoshi” label. Throughout that time, he released the short documentary Bitcoin in Kenya and over 100 interview snippets — a number of which have gone viral in the Bitcoin world.

At the Bitcoin 2014 conference last year, Kantor also won the first ever Blockchain Award for “most creative video” with the trailer for his documentary project Ulterior States.

Now, after many hours of researching, filming, interviewing and editing, Kantor is finally releasing the feature-length film. Ulterior States is a collage of recordings from his immersion in the cryptocurrency culture. It features influential thought leaders in the space, including Andreas Antonopoulos, Dennis “Jaromil” Roio, Ian Grigg, Vinay Gupta, Elizabeth Starks, Brett Scott, Amir Taaki, Rick Falkvinge, Peter Todd, Erik Voorhees, Jessi Baker and many others.

In an exclusive interview with CoinTelegraph upon the release of the film, Kantor talks about his motives, his expectations and the process of developing Ulterior States.

Tomer Kantor is a London-based film producer

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