Top 10 Myths About Bitcoin

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Although Bitcoin has been around for some-more than 7 years now, there are still copiousness of misconceptions about this record percolating among a ubiquitous open and a mainstream press. Bitcoin is infrequently a formidable theme to grasp since it requires a simple bargain of many opposite areas of investigate such as cryptography, economics and mechanism science.

Here are 10 opposite renouned misconceptions about Bitcoin that still beget contention in 2016.

1. Bitcoin Is Dead

The many common parable that people repeat about Bitcoin is that it is passed and no longer used by anyone in a world. There is a website, Bitcoin Obituaries, that keeps lane of a declarations of Bitcoin’s genocide going all a approach behind to 2010. At that time, bitcoin was trade during $0.23.

In reality, Bitcoin is now during a many successful indicate in story — during slightest when totalled by a number of transactions that are function on a network each day. The genuine problem right now is scalability (increasing retard distance to hoop some-more transactions), that Blockchain Capital Managing Partner Brock Pierce recently pointed out is a pointer of a success.

2. Bitcoin Is Anonymous

Although Bitcoin is mostly referred to as a “anonymous

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