Top 5 Things People Are Buying on OpenBazaar

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OpenBazaar is the first-of-its-kind global decentralized market with thousands of products available for sale. But what are the most popular items right now? Here are the top five selling types of products on the global peer-to-peer marketplace.

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‘Hot’ Products for Bitcoin

TopSince it’s not uncommon for Bitcoin to be associated with the dark market, the average person might expect things like illegal drugs or North Korean cigarettes to be high on the list. While those items are indeed available, one of the most common things people buy on OpenBazaar is actually “dangerously spicy” hot sauce.

Yes, red pepper hot sauce might just be the top product on the P2P marketplace today. But because transactions on OpenBazaar are completely peer-to-peer, the platform cannot get more accurate data on what and how much exactly is being bought and sold.

Operations Lead at OpenBazaar, Sam Patterson, explained to

We don’t know when trade occurs, meaning we can’t create a completely accurate list of the most popular items on the network at the moment. But by talking

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