Top Mainstream Media Bitcoin Fails

When it comes to bitcoin, it would be fair to say that the mainstream media does have a tendency to get things wrong.

Although coverage has improved since the early days, as some journalists are beginning to take the digital currency and its underlying technology more seriously, mistakes continue to crop up.

Ranging from hugely inaccurate to outrageously funny, here are some of the biggest mainstream media fails to date.

1. Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto

mystery man identity

The mainstream press has joined the pursuit to identify Satoshi Nakamoto, the person or group of people credited with creating bitcoin.

Back in 2014, Newsweek thought it had found the real Satoshi – Dorian Nakamoto, an unassuming and unemployed engineer with apparently no background in cryptography.

He denied he was the real creator of bitcoin soon after the story was published. Despite this, Newsweek and author Leah McGrath did not issue an apology, instead they re-emphasised their assumptions in a statement, which noted “the facts as reported point toward Mr Nakamoto’s role in the founding of Bitcoin”.

At the time, Nakamoto and his lawyer publicly said they would like to sue the publication but required more funds to do. In an attempt

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