Tor 6.0 Officially Released and Ready for Download

As regular Tor users are well aware, the browser has been updated to 6.0. The new release is based on Firefox 45 Extended Support Release. Among other features, the new browser has better support for security and privacy. Things like making DUCKDUCKGO its default search engine.

Mozilla’s Firefox ESR is a more stable, enterprise ready version, and its features are only upgraded after every seven versions of Firefox are released.  In between the upgrades, it still receives all the security patches. The browser also comes with built in Tor support. It’s also bundled with privacy bases extensions like NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere, and has Firefox’s Private Mode enabled automatically.

The last version of Tor was based on Firefox’s ESR 38 that came out in May of 2015. Tor 6.0 leaps to Firefox version 45. The next updates won’t happen until Firefox releases version 52.

Code signing for the new Tor browser is in part because so many Mac OS X users complained about the browser not working. The new feature should solve this problem for users that couldn’t install and run the previous version.

Tracking protection is also enabled by default, as well as disabling SHA1 certificates. The team isn’t so sure about what affect this will have on browser fingerprinting though. Some other features have also been disabled as well, which Tor developers have admitted that they could cause the user to be more easily identified, but released it any how because they didn’t have time for a proper fix.

The team at Tor switched from using Disconnect to DUCKDUCKGO because they believe the search results are better, as well as Disconnect not being able to be worked on top of Google anymore. The team asked disconnect to use DUCKDUCKGO search instead because it is more privacy focused and is growing in popularity rather quickly. Despite Firefox not seeming to be the most secure browser right now, Tor is still the most privacy focused browser out right now, even as new attacks are being discovered.

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