Tor Backs Apple’s Decision against FBI

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The FBI has been after Apple to unencrypt an IPhone 5c belonging to a terrorist. Apples decision not to go along with the FBI has sparked Tor developers to side with Apple, releasing a statement on the Tor website saying that the Tor Project developers would rather quit their jobs than allow the FBI to backdoor Tor.

“We therefore stand with Apple, to defend strong encryption and to oppose government pressure to weaken it. We will never backdoor our software.”

Tor users face serious threats in this day and age. From bloggers reporting on the drug violence in Latin American streets, Russian, Chinese and Middle East dissidents, as well as police and military officials using Tor to stay safe on the job, Tor helps all its users remain a little safer. Even in Western societies, studies show intelligence agencies such as the NSA are chilling dissent and silencing political discourse merely through the threat of pervasive surveillance.

The statement went on to say, “For all of our users, their privacy is their security. And for all of them, that privacy depends upon the integrity of our software, and on strong cryptography. Any weakness introduced to help a particular government would inevitably

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