Tor has joined the fight to stop the Upcoming Changes to Rule 41

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Tor has joined the fight to stop the U.S. government’s changes to Rule 41. They are urging people to speak up, and fight the changes to Rule 41 which will take effect December 1st if no one does anything to stop it. To date, no one has done anything to fight it. Congress hasn’t even batted an eye towards the changes.

The changes will enable the Department of Justice to hack computers and spy on people through one single warrant, no matter its jurisdiction. What this means is that if a judge issues a warrant in Washington, the government can conduct its search nationwide, on any and all computers it feels the need too.

The changes specifically state that computers that use technology to conceal its data, such as encryption, of tools like Tor, would fall into the range of the changes. This means all VPN users, Tor users, and any and all encryption and privacy software users will, be the most likely going to be spied on.

Senator Ron Wyden said:

“If the Senate does nothing, if the Senate fails to act, what’s ahead for Americans is a massive expansion of government hacking and surveillance power.”

Wyden’s proposed bill is meant to prevent the proposed amendments to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure from

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