TOR: Is There a Viable Alternative?

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When I first heard about TOR it was probably the most exciting thing I had ever encountered since I had started using computers. I probably jumped onboard when it had been around long enough to be useful and had become quite popular; but was not yet at the point where everyone felt the need to attack, de-anonymize and discredit it. After the Silk Road went down, many began to question TOR’s safety and since then multiple claims and studies have come out concerning the anonymity of TOR nodes. Some studies have shown that TOR exit nodes can be controlled and monitored using tools like NetFlow; however these “de-anonymization” tactics often required highly controlled environments. Regardless, it’s safe to see that we all feel a little less safe running just TOR Browser and Hidden Services and in this day and age it’s wise to mix TOR Browser with additional security software like VPNs, Proxies and even custom Operating Systems designed to keep us all John Does on the internet.

The first time I looked I was able to find maybe 2 or 3 systems similar to TOR, but lately anonymization OSes and applications are being released at an incredible

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