Tor Project Enlists Security Researchers to Counter FBI Snooping

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It seems Tor is putting back up its defenses after discovering the FBI had broken through them earlier this year. According to a new paper, developers at the Tor Project have been working closely with security researchers to create a “hardened” version of the browser.

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Tor Strikes Back

This “hardened” version of the Tor browser would entail stronger anti-hacking techniques that could frustrate the spying activities of the FBI and other various government agencies by improving the anonymity of the user.

The improvements are largely based upon a method dubbed “selfrando,” which was created to protect against browser exploits, including the one used by the FBI against the Tor browser.

The new method is meant to counteract “code reuse” exploits, where memory leaks allow attackers to reuse existing code libraries instead of injecting an entirely new malicious code. By employing code reuse exploits, attackers can build Selfrando ASLR Tormalware into the application by rearranging certain aspects of its memory.

To do this, attackers usually need to have a general idea of where certain functions are within the application’s memory space. However, as it stands, current security measures in browsers only randomize

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