Tor Releases a ‘Social Contract’ : Never to Intentionally Harm Users

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In an effort to further repair some of the tarnished reputation they have managed to garner, The Tor Project released a ‘social contract’ promising never to harm users.

Tor has admittedly had a rough start in 2016. Between managing the bad media attention during the Appelbaum scandal and several security threats, they’ve seemingly been doing everything possible to repair the reputation. A new board of directors has been appointed, they’ve released a new code of conduct, and announced a potential fix to the malicious node problem. And now, as of the 9th of August, the organization has published what they call a “social contract”.

Contained in this contract is a six-point list of who they are and what they plan to accomplish. It’s clear that the image being cultivated is that Tor exists to promote human rights. Aside from recent issues, Tor has the reputation for being a tool that promotes drug trafficking and, in some cases, weapons and child pornography. A side effect of the software allowing people to circumvent censorship in oppressive regimes and to anonymously exercise free speech is the usage of Tor for illicit activities.

“We are not just people who build software,

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