Tor Teams with Researchers to Harden Tor Browser

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Due to the FBI’s success de-anonymizing Tor users, the Tor Project is teaming up with researchers to protect users from any further hacking from the FBI. Vice reports.

Pretty recent court cases have shown that the FBI is well capable of hacking Tor, even though the software is praised for its reputation as the best online privacy software available. A new paper, that states security researchers are now working alongside the Tor Project to help create a hardened version of the Tor Browser, using new anti-hacking techniques that would drastically improve user security and help fight off any further attacks from law enforcement agencies.

In particular, researchers are currently testing “Selfrando”. This is a technique to protect against browser exploits like the one the FBI supposedly used. Selfrando is meant to counteract the ‘’code refuse’’ exploits, instead of attempting the more difficult job of injecting new malicious code, the attacker will exploit memory leaks to reuse code libraries that already exist in the browser. This builds malware by rearranging things inside the applications memory.


To do so, the attacker needs to generally have

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