TOR & VPN: A Necessary Couple

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There was a time when folks felt beyond anonymous using TOR on its own; but it seems a crazy idea today and I can tell you from experience, that using TOR without VPN gives one a feeling of nakedness. Looking further back there were good old days when mass monitoring felt more like a dystopian novel than government policy. People felt safe doing pretty much whatever on the web, BBS, IRC and even through their ISP provided email addresses before the days of widespread web mail. In the 80s and 90s ISPs were able to keep customer records and data to themselves unless subpoenaed (and even then I’m sure it was a rarity); search engine giants were not collecting mass marketing data or participating in huge man-in-the-middle attacks perpetrated by government spies; in fact it’s quite unlikely that LEA and Intelligence agencies monitored or pursued much online. The opportunity to commit crime or secretive activity would have been limited or not yet considered. It was not long ago that the internet was a novelty, hobby and just a great place to gain access to large amounts of information (often for learning education). In the early days of popular

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