Tor Weekly News — Oct 24th, 2015

Welcome to a thirty-sixth emanate in 2015 of Tor Weekly News, a weekly newsletter that covers what’s function in a Tor community.

Tails 1.6, a teenager recover of a unknown live handling system, was put out one month ago on Sep 22, following a Firefox confidence announcement. As good as Tor Browser 5.0.3, this recover includes updates to pivotal software, and fixes to important confidence issues. All Tails users contingency ascent as shortly as possible, if they haven’t already finished so; see a proclamation for download instructions.

The Orfox group expelled a initial beta chronicle of a Tor Browser-like Android web browser on Google Play and a Guardian Project F-Droid repos. This is a open contrast release, so as common greatfully do not rest on it for clever anonymity only yet.

If we wish to stay updated with this effort, keep an eye on a team’s homepage. The plan is perplexing to urge communications with both Mozilla and a Tor Browser group in sequence to have as most work joined upstream as possible!

The “southern hemisphere” report for Tor’s first-ever Summer of Privacy came to an end, and a dual remaining students submitted their final swell reports. Read more ... source: