Tor Weekly News — October 24th, 2015

Welcome to the thirty-sixth issue in 2015 of Tor Weekly News, the weekly newsletter that covers what’s happening in the Tor community.

Tails 1.6, a minor release of the anonymous live operating system, was put out one month ago on September 22, following a Firefox security announcement. As well as Tor Browser 5.0.3, this release includes updates to key software, and fixes to important security issues. All Tails users must upgrade as soon as possible, if they haven’t already done so; see the announcement for download instructions.

The Orfox team released the first beta version of the Tor Browser-like Android web browser on Google Play and the Guardian Project F-Droid repos. This is a public testing release, so as usual please do not rely on it for strong anonymity just yet.

If you want to stay updated with this effort, keep an eye on the team’s homepage. The project is trying to improve communications with both Mozilla and the Tor Browser team in order to have as much work merged upstream as possible!

The “southern hemisphere” schedule for Tor’s first-ever Summer of Privacy came to an end, and the two remaining students submitted their final progress reports. Israel Leiva’s revamp of GetTor, the alternative Tor software distributor, now supports additional content delivery networks including Github and Google Drive, xmpp requests (with Twitter compatibility on the way), multiple languages, and more. Israel will continue to work on GetTor as a regular contributor, so expect more progress reports from this important project.

Cristóbal Leiva’s relay web status dashboard, erebus, now includes core frontend and backend functionality, along with a basic UI and full code documentation. Cristóbal will also be continuing to work on his project over the coming months. Congratulations to both on finishing the season with their projects

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