Tor’s Co-Creator: Your Medical Records Have Bullseyes On Them

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Paul Syverson, Co-creator of the Tor web browser met with journalists and tech professionals Thursday saying, “I invented the dark web.”  This meeting was part of the “Inside the Dark Web” conference. The topics of anonymized onion routing, and cybercrime on the internet.

“Medical identity theft is poised to take over as the primary form of identity theft,” Syverson noted.

With over 155 million Americans medical data has been exposed in the last six years alone, according to the Brookings Institution. Mostly being blamed on hospitals and other organizations arent doing anything to protect and secure patient information. This would mean that they are responsible in part for making sure connections are secure.

Tor has been recommended as a remedy to help secure the aforementioned problems. Syverson mainly talked about the technology that makes Tor work, but touched on identity theft to help draw a picture about why Tor is more relevant than ever to anyone online. Comparing Tor and encryption was the focus of some of Syverson’s lecture. He mentioned that 15 years ago, before cyberattacks and the massive data dumps of today, people tended to be sketchy towards the idea of encrypting they’re online information. The same can be

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