Towards An ‘America First’ Trump Trade Policy

Bitcoin Watch Shop / by Tyler Durden / Nov 26, 2016 6:25 PM\

Submitted by Patrick Buchanan around,

Donald Trump’s choosing delight is among a some-more startling in history.

Yet if he wishes to turn a father of a new “America First” infancy party, he contingency make good on his honest promise:

To finish a trade deficits that have bled a nation of scores of thousands of factories, and to emanate millions of prolongation jobs in a USA.

Fail here, and those slim majorities in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin disappear.

The president-elect takes credit for jawboning William Clay Ford to keep his Lincoln plant in Louisville. He is now jawboning Carrier atmosphere conditioning to stay in Indiana and not pierce to Mexico.

Good for him. But these are baby stairs toward finale a $800 billion trade deficits in products America runs annually, or bringing behind factories and formulating millions of new prolongation jobs in a USA.

The NAFTA Republicans tell us a plants and jobs are never entrance back, that we live in a globalized world, that prolongation will now be finished where it can be finished cheapest — in Mexico, China, Asia.

Yet, on Nov. 8, Americans deserted this defeatism secure in a tracts

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